New York industrial/EBM pioneer STATIQBLOOM announce, Blue Moon Blood, to be released April 28th with Translation Loss Records.

STATIQBLOOM is the brainchild of Fade Kainer, known for his work with Theologian, Tombs, Batillus, and Jarboe. Blue Moon Blood is his fifth offering as STATIQBLOOM and his most provokingly ominous offering to date.  Drawing from the grittiness of early industrial and EBM, STATIQBLOOM combines hard dance beats and haunting electronics with disorienting vocals to create a pulsing raw vision of electronic music for today.  STATIQBLOOM now features collaborative live perfomances with Denman C. Anderson (Semita Serpens) to assist in bringing Fade’s visions and music to life.
Blue Moon Blood, featuring brand new artwork by Fade Kainer, will be available on vinyl, compact disc, and digital on April 28th.

Pre-order is available now with Translation Loss Records.

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