Hibernation Release Records is proud to announce the vinyl release of Gospels of Scum, the critically acclaimed (previously self-released on CD only) album from Cheyenne, Wyoming’s premiere death metal quartet, CASKET HUFFER.

CASKET HUFFER arrive on the underground metal scene to deliver their ferocious, self-released debut full length Gospels of Scum.  Nine tracks of visceral, aural depravity recorded by Dave Otero (Cobalt, Khemmis, Nightbringer) at Flatline Audio. Featuring guest vocals from Ethan Lee Mccarthy (Primitive Man, Vermin Womb), CASKET HUFFER flawlessly blend soaring death growls over blackened, sludgy death metal riffs and sonic dissonance combined with crust punk aggression to create a unique sound all their own.  With Gospels of ScumCASKET HUFFER have created one the best self-produced metal releases in years!

This is the first time Gospels of Scum is available on a limited vinyl pressing with newly designed artwork by guitarist / vocalist Than Wilson. Preorder is available now from Hibernation Release Records.