“White Halo — the seven-years-in-the-making third full-length from Tokyo quintet Heaven in Her Arms — is a fierce and lush amalgamation of post-metal atmospherics, classic screamo, black metal, prog rock, and trad metal sure to trigger metalgaze haters even as it subverts and expands the boundaries of that sub-subgenre.” -Shawn Macomber, Decibel Magazine

Decibel Magazine are kindly streaming ‘White Halo’, from Japanese blackened screamo band, HEAVEN IN HER ARMS. Grab the new issue of Decibel Magazine as well for a full feature on the band by Shawn Macomber!

‘White Halo’ is available for pre-order (July 7th release) from:

Translation Loss Records (North America)

Moment of Collapse (Eur)

Daymare Recordings (Japan)

Dog Knight Productions (Eur, cassette)