SHADOW WOODS METAL FEST are pleased to reveal the 2017 official festival merchandise available for pre-order now!  SHADOW WOODS METAL FEST merchandise features stunning new artwork by Dylan Garret Smith and Brian Sheehan/Legerdemain.  The beautifully hand-drawn design entitled “Laud In The Garden” by Dylan Garrett Smith, is featured as this year’s Shadow Woods Metal Fest official limited edition poster (only 50 will be printed). The alluring design will also be available on t-shirt and hooded sweatshirt. The official line-up t-shirt by Brian Sheehan/Legerdemain features a brand-new ravishing design commemorating the festival. Official merchandise is available for pre-order now (pre-order is available until September 3).


Marketplace vendors will include record labels Season of MistGrimoire Records, and festival sponsor Tridroid Records. Artists and craft vendors FTG Illustrations, Evan Void, festival merchandise artist Dylan Garrett Smith, KPG Paintings, Jessi Hardesty, Horrid CRVX and Necronomicharm will all be on site selling prints, paintings, jewelry, woodcuts, and so much more.

Throughout the festival, delectable food and beverages will be provided by the ever popular coffee wizards Zeke’s Coffee, pit beef and other scrumptious dishes from Pond View Farms, and vegan/vegetarian steaks, sandwiches, salads and more from Self Love.

Weekend and day passes for SHADOW WOODS METAL FEST are available now HERE.