Head over to Invisible Oranges where they are graciously hosting “Blacked Out”, the crushing second track from ‘Cold Hard Concrete’.

“Most of the songs on the record have their roots in hardcore; the album as a whole feels far from one-dimensional. Whether it’s the old-school NYHC stomp of “Through Your Skull,” the feedback-drenched crawl of “Disappearing God,” the more up-tempo Ringworm-style beatdown of “Fuck Yourself, ” or the massive, Bongripper-esque despair of “Last Shred of Hope,” there’s more than enough variety among tracks to keep listeners engaged for the album’s 33-minute duration. And, of course, atop sits Hoffman’s inimitable vocals in all their misanthropic glory.” -Clayton Michaels

Read More: Ledge – “Blacked Out” (Song Premiere) | http://www.invisibleoranges.com/ledge-blacked-out-song-premiere/?trackback=tsmclip

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