Northern California metal legion, SQUALUS unleash their beastly new album, ‘The Great Fish…’ at Popmatters today along with an exclusive interview with vocalist/bassist, Aaron John Gregory!

Listen to the album in full, ahead of it’s September 15th release date (via Translation Loss Records), HERE. 

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Northern California’s, SQUALUS, is a gnashing, gnawing beast; an all consuming wave of dueling, distorted, down-tuned bass guitars, saturated synthesizers and creaking pianos, plodding yet violent drums, and the kind of vocals that only excessive exposure to salt air and apricot brandy can produce.

Based out of both the small coastal Bay Area town, Pacifica, and the state’s capital city of Sacramento, SQUALUS reunites Aaron John Gregory, Andrew Southard, Bryan Beeson and Zack Farwell; four members of the renown prog-rock-sludge-band, GIANT SQUID. Elements of their epic, intensely creative former band abound, but this is a whole new monster; an insatiable behemoth; an eating machine. All this machine does is swim and eat.

SQUALUS’s debut record, The Great Fish… leaves the guitars on shore, and stalks the shallows of local waters, utilizing only two basses, keys, drums and salted vocals; reciting and recreating one of the greatest “man vs. sea” stories ever told. Eleven songs that will sink their teeth in and drag you through an oceanic adventure unlike any other. Despite all the pounding and the hollering, they all come in, and rip you to pieces.

The Great Fish… was engineered, mixed, mastered, and produced by acclaimed engineer, Tim Green (Wolves In The Thrown Room, The Fucking Champs, Melvins, Giant Squid). Featuring hand painted cover art by the band’s own, Aaron John Gregory.

Order SQUALUS, ‘The Great Fish…’ HERE

Aaron John Gregory
Andrew Southard
Bryan Beeson
Zack Farwell

Instagram: @giant_squalus_bands

SQUALUS, Full Album Premiere at Popmatters!