Brooklyn-based black metal trio BELUS, unleash their debut full-length album, Apophenia, today with a full album stream at Noisey, ahead of their Friday, October 13th release date.

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Video By Jakub Moth, Chariots of Black Moth

Apophenia will see it’s official release CD/digital release tomorrow, October 13 via Vendetta Records. Vinyl will be available on November 30th.
Pre-order is available HERE

BELUS are scheduled to play their ripping new album in full at their record release show on Friday, November 17th at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn, NY with Somnuri, Anicon, and Insect Ark.
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Photo: Suren Karapetyan


In 2010, guitarist Matt Mewton (also of Brooklyn-based black metal legion WOE) joined forces with bassist Lesley Wolf (of Brooklyn-based blackened sludge band, MORTALS), and drummer Jacques Johnson. Realizing their doomed black metal style struck a chord, the trio began demoing material and playing live. After two self-released demo releases, a blistering and massive two song contribution to a split release with ANICON, and a limited edition EP, BELUS forged a bond with Vendetta Records to release their latest and most shuddersome offering to date.

Apophenia delivers seven new songs packed to the brim with merciless, rippling, and suffocating atmosphere.  Each song is crafted with authentic, proficient guitar and bass work that focuses on massive riffs without studio trickery. Ritualistic and steadfast guitar and bass tones speak their own languages as they slither throughout Apophenia. Clever and intuitive drumming drive merciless triplet-blasted fervor into each song and pumps life into the bleak and dark pulse of the world. Apophenia brings agonizing, indignant, and thunderous anthems of unwavering whispers of dissonance through an immortal storm. The unrelenting, bleak aura of Apophenia puts forth an acrimonious pall while reaching for serenity.

Check out an exclusive interview with Matt Mewton, guitarist/vocalist of BELUS at  Invisible Oranges HERE



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