Boston sludge supergroup, WORMWOOD unleash a full-album stream of their anticipated full-length album, ‘Mooncurse’ at Revolver, ahead of their Friday, October 20th release with Translation Loss Records.

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On October 20th, Boston’s WORMWOOD will unleash their highly anticipated first full length album, Mooncurse via Translation Loss Records. Mooncurse is unapologetic with thick-as-hell, abysmal riffs and crushing bitterness.  Moody, savage and sludged-out guitars ebb and flow with distortion, pummeling with relentless waves while dark, ritualistic rhythms take hold and lead you in and out of darkness.

WORMWOOD embraces and illuminates with calculated and cathartic sonic despair and finds light in all the darkest places of their wounds.
Summoned from DOOMRIDERS, PHANTOM GLUE, THE RED CHORD, and BEYOND THE SIXTH SEAL, this supergroup writes formidable compositions that are both thoughtful and instinctive. “We wanted the record to have an apocalyptic feel or a feeling of isolation/rejection/depression and that tends to come up lyrically as well as sonically” explains vocalist Chris Pupecki. “I truly believe playing heavy music is the greatest therapy in the world, and so for me, all the darkest stuff in the recesses of my mind seems to come up and kind of release while I play and I always feel better afterwards…for a little while at least.”

WORMWOOD recorded Mooncurse with the help of Alec Rodriguez at New Alliance East in Cambridge, MA. Rodriguez was able to capture the thick and powerful atmosphere the band was going for. “I’d be tossing out an idea and before the sentence was finished he’d sometimes say, “like this?” and play back what I was talking about. He also has a mini, portable studio that he would bring to our rehearsal room to bang out quick overdubs or a vocal session, so that was really easy and convenient. He was very patient with us too which was great because there were definitely a few moments where he could’ve just said “I’m done for today.” But overall it was pretty smooth and he’s super fun to work with”,  recalls Chris Pupecki.

Mooncurse includes stunning original artwork by Brazilian artist, Pedro Oliveira. “I found Pedro Oliveira on Instagram. His art jumped out at me because of its super dark, abstract, vaguely psychedelic and cosmic look” explains Pupecki.  “He’s really doing his own thing right now and that’s what really grabbed me. So many metal album covers look like they could’ve been painted/drawn by the same person and that has no appeal to me. I want the art and our music to have a similar feel to each other and also stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression. Timelessness is important to me in the music as well as the art. Pedro spent a long time listening to our music while painting to come up with what he did. And I think he nailed it…a cosmic purge!”

Pre-order for WORMWOODMooncurse is available now via Translation Loss Records and comes in two vinyl variants. “Metallic Gold” which is limited to 300 copies and a mail-order exclusive “Oxblood and Swamp Green Merge w/ Gold, Orange and Bone White Splatter”. T-shirt LP/CD packages are available for a limited time.