Portland, Oregon black metal band, Barrowlands unleash “Hyperion”, the opening track to their epic new album, ‘Tyndir’, due for release on October 27th via Vendetta Records.

Indy Metal Vault shares their thoughts on the record and the song stream HERE 



Artwork by Mathew Spix Logo by Christophe Szpadjel

BarrowlandsPortland, Oregon progressive black metal legion, BARROWLANDS, announce their Vendetta Records debut, Tyndir, due for release on October 27th.  Drawn from the ashes of bands such as Mary Shelley, Lykaia, and others, BARROWLANDS broke out of the Portland, Oregon metal scene with their style of epic and melodic black metal.  Their 2014 release of ‘Thane’, received high praise from Decibel Magazine, No Clean Singing, Last Rites, CVLT Nation, and many more.
The collective entered the studio in Spring of 2016 with legendary producer/engineer, Billy Anderson to bring their songs to life. Guitarist Jay Caruso recalls, “Tyndir was recorded over several months at various studios.  drums, bass, and cello were tracked live at Hallowed Halls under the artful hand of Billy Anderson.  Guitars, vocals, and some additional cello were recorded by Jay (Caruso) at Odin’s Eye Audio and then re-amped at Cloud City by Billy.  Mixing was completed a few months later by Billy at his own Everything Hz. studios.”
Deep, primal textures develop throughout Tyndir, creating vast and mournful atmosphere.  Evocative and eerie riffs slink inside and out of the beautiful and evolving compositions. Sorrowful, staggering gasps of light bleed through with redemption, forging primordial introspection. “We are hoping the listener will feel a connection to something bigger” explains guitarist Jay Caruso. “With Tyndir we wanted the music to be more dynamic in hopes we could provide the listener a sense of scale,  At the same time we tried to stretch ourselves emotionally.  We hope the listener will find moments of beauty, sorrow, rage, and awe.”  Jay Caruso explains further, “Tyndir is an old norse word for fallowed ground.  It is beneficial to leave a field fallow for a growing season as a way for the earth to recover.  When we, a species, finally die out the world may enter a moment of tyndir but will ultimately continue forward.”
The release of Tyndir, in all formats will be housed in beautifully stunning artwork, inspired from a photograph taken by Mathew Spix and developed into album art by guitarist, Jay Caruso. “There was a theme when writing the album and as we started thinking about art we had a vague concept of a powerful nature image that would allude to the apathetic”. Jay recalls, “We had an extremely cold winter in Portland and a friend of mine shot this picture through the frozen window of his house.  When we saw it we realized this was what we were looking for.  The Vesigir, or Norse Compass, is a Nordic Ward that is thought to have protected the wearer from becoming lost.  It is all to easy to become lost or predisposed with physical things in our relatively short lifespans.  We have lost our connection with the bigger picture in focusing on our own small roles and the Vesigir is meant as a reminder that we are part of nature and that nature does not exist solely for our desire”.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barrowlands/

Bandcamp: https://barrowlands.bandcamp.com


Web store: http://vendettarecords.bigcartel.com
Web: https://vendettarecords.wordpress.com
Bandcamp: https://vendetta-records.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vendetta-Records-113775778703319

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