Philadelphia metallic hardcore metal band STARKWEATHER and Portuguese experimental death metal legion CONCEALMENT unleash epic fury at Decibel Magazine. Their split release, due out on March 9th via Translation Loss Records, is streaming now. Head over and check out both blistering tracks now.

Listen/Read HERE:




CONCEALMENT are a Portuguese band from Sabugo, Sintra formed in the winter of 1995.  The group consists of Filipe Correia on guitar and vocals, David Jeronimo on drums, and Paulo Silva on bass. They are known to incorporate and combine the dissonant, atonal elements from avant-garde, experimental metal in an abrupt nature. CONCEALMENT is a band also recognized for their mastery of extended range guitars and basses, polyrhythmic patterns, and complex time signatures. Correia describes, “”Liminality” actually continues the experimental streaks and streams of eerie-atonal motifs but with a more visceral and unearthly nature. This twenty-one minute malignant epic is based on a true event, the tragic case of Anneliese Michel, an example of a person with a misidentified mental disorder, treated with negligence, abuse and religious hysteria.”
Like their previous work,  “Liminality”, was recorded and mixed by David (Jeronimo) at Malware Studios. Filipe Correia had this to say about the recording, “David’s work is great and we won’t change a winning team. We also give enormous credit to the mastering done by Nelson Canoa at Canoas Studios. He was definitely able to push up the overall sound.”


Album Art and Layout by Alex Eckman-Lawn

With a history dating back to 1989, STARKWEATHER are pioneers of dissonant, metallic hardcore. Their latest offering, “Divided By Zero”, takes you on an illustrious journey through an almost thirty minute, cinematic and dizzying composition. Exploding with soaring, maniacal vocals, black-thrash sludge, twisting and angular guitars, and drums sonorously crafted by an architect. Never following and always the leader, STARKWEATHER destroy heavy metal norms and deliver a masterful, eerie, mind-melting experience. Singer Rennie Resmini offers, “We approach recording as if it were analog. It’s how we always attack things. We tracked the song in one full take twice. There is no studio trickery, the song is able to be physically played front to back”. STARKWEATHER entered the studio with Alap Momin (Dalek) to perfect the construction of their already massive sound. Resmini speaks of the recording process, “When we record with Alap Momin he has a different approach than a lot of engineers we’ve been with. He keeps a lot of bass in the mix. I don’t think the mastering engineers we brought the song to could quite figure it out. Enter Nelson Canoa.” Nelson Conoa took the reins for mastering and Resmini explains, “He brought a completely different mindset to the table”.

The compact disc features a 12 page booklet that includes stunning artwork by Philadelphia artist, Alex Eckman-Lawn. “The dystopic nature of Alex’s art resonates in the marrow of these two songs”, describes Correia.

The compact disc is available for pre-order now via Translation Loss Records.

Stream “Divided by Zero” by STARKWEATHER at Invisible Oranges, HERE

Track Listing:
STARKWEATHER – Divided by Zero
CONCEALMENT – Liminality




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