Video By Dana Schechter

Brooklyn heavy metal band ANICON announce their partnership with Vendetta Records for their sophomore full-length album entitled, Entropy Mantra.

Entropy Mantra delivers seven new songs, all highlighting and pushing each member to showcase their musical mastery. Soaring, dark and anthemic riffs, intertwining bass and guitars, aggressively tight drums, and thoughtfully complex melodies, ANICON have executed their most commanding music to date.

Over the relentless winter of 2017-2018 at New York’s Chapel Black studio, vocalist and guitarist Nolan Ross took the reins for the recording. ANICON sought to create the most compelling music within their ability and to perform it with conviction. “The music has become more idiosyncratic and we wanted to have as much control as possible over as many elements as possible” explains vocalist/guitarist Owen Rundquist.  “We’ve gone further down the road that we started on with Exegeses and felt like we knew best how we wanted it to sound and feel.  We wanted to make an album that reflects the lives we live rather than relying on more typically established tropes of black metal.  Oppression, anxiety, and darkness of urban living is portrayed and reflected in the sound and the lyrical content of Entropy Mantra.” Rundquist continues, “lyrically, the album deals with the demands and sacrifices people make of themselves; the anxieties, neuroses, and the schizophrenic nature, all central to city life.   The lyrics draw on personal experience, broader recognitions, and things overheard in this crazy place we live.”

From their beginnings as a two-man recording project that began in 2010, to recruiting drummer Lev Weinstein and bassist Alex DeMaria, playing countless shows, tours, and releasing seven original recordings, Entropy Mantra proves ANICON are an unstoppable force that is ever growing and always pushing further.


Entropy Mantra will be released on LP, compact disc, cassette, and digital and features stunning new artwork by guitarist/vocalist Owen Rundquist.

Pre-order is available now via Vendetta Records.


1. Feeding Hand

2. Wither And Waste

3. Drowned in The Mirage

4. Names Written In Tar

5. Tarnish On The Emblems Of Ardor

6. Blood From A Road

7. Paling Terrain


Nolan Voss – Guitar & Vocals

Owen Rundquist – Guitar & Vocals

Alexander DeMaria – Bass

Lev Weinstein – Drums




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