Manitoba atmospheric black metal outfit, WILT unveil their crushing new album, Ruin, in full with CVLT Nation ahead of their Friday, May 18th release. Head over and listen now.



Ruin is available now via Vendetta Records.




With Ruin, WILT deliver six new haunting songs, showcasing epic anthems of heartbreak and despair.  “Ruin is a concept album that explores the frailty of man” explains vocalist Jordan Dorge. “It is inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s 2006, post-apocalyptic novel, “The Road” and fueled by the anger, sorrow, and pain we felt when our dear friend passed on during the recording”. The long awaited full-length album is drenched in bleak atmosphere, introspective confessions on loss, death, and the constraints of crippling guilt.

WILT was formed in 2010 by Brett Goodchild and Jordan Dorge with the original intention of creating a black metal studio project. After the reception of their self-titled debut in October of 2012 and surpassing expectations with some serious international media attention, the duo decided to make WILT a full-time project and assemble a live lineup.  Touring throughout Canada and playing festivals such as Noctis Metalfest, where they shared the stage alongside BLASPHEMY, CARCASS, BOLZER, CANDLEMASS, and more, they decided to expand their two-piece to a full band where all five members contributed. Their sophomore effort, Moving Monoliths (Bindrune Records) was released to critical acclaim in 2015.

Three years in the making, WILT deliver their latest masterpiece. Soaring and massive guitars, ritualistic and heart-pounding drums, eerie and somber vocals all create layers of daunting and agonizing depressive black metal that showcases WILT’s greatest work to date.


Artwork by Samuel Nelson 

1. Into the Unknown
2. We Read the World Wrong
3. Strings of a Lingering Heart
4. A Summons Has Come
5. Veil of Gold
6. Requiem

WILT are
Jordan Dorge – Vocals
Brett Goodchild – Guitar
Jay Edwards – Guitar
Craig Peeples – Bass
Myke Lewis – Drums

“A Summons Has Come” Featured at Decibel Magazine

“Into The Unknown” Featured at Invisible Oranges


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