Amarok 3-2018 b&w

Photo by Michelle Camy

California doom metal band Amarok deliver their latest album, Devoured, in full at Metal Hammer. Along with revealing their stunning new album, Amarok announce an extensive US tour beginning on July 13th in Reno, Nevada. A list of tour dates can be found below.

Devoured is available today via Translation Loss Records and is available on compact disc, digital download, and two limited edition vinyl variants.

Listen to Devoured now at Metal Hammer HERE. 

California sludge/doom outfit Amarok debut their first full length in partnership with Translation Loss Records entitled, Devoured. With four epic and expansive tracks spanning almost 70 minutes, Amarok take their listeners on a sorrowful journey of epic proportions. Vast and powerful, Amarok prey on your darkest phobias imparting the perception of nearly drowning, the claustrophobic sensation of being held under water until the last second when released and gasping for air. Each track delivers focused and fearless journeys through harrowing, metallic riffs and rips through bleak, unsettling atmosphere while cataclysmic waves of bass and drums pummel from the inside out.

Amarok formed in Chico, California in 2009. They released their first self-titled EP in October of 2010 and then released three well-received splits over the course of 2012-13 featuring bands Hell, Enth, and Pyramido. Amarok have played multiple tours up and down the west coast with notable bands such as Cough, Bell Witch, Floor, Samonthrace, Noothgrush, Weedeater, Atriarch, and more.

Devoured was produced by Sanford Parker (Yob, Voivod, EyeHateGod) and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Earth, Pelican). “With the band moving towards long form doom with complex, evolving riffs and dynamic changes, collectively we felt that our material warranted a call to Sanford Parker”, recalls bassist/vocalist Brandon Squyres. “We booked a a short west coast tour to meet with Sanford in LA at Big Bad Studios and spent a week collaborating with him on material and playing with his extreme noise style to compliment the intensity of the new songs. We then sent the recordings to James Plotkin to master, and spent a month dialing everything in to perfect the albums enormous live sound”. Devoured showcases Amarok’s most stand-out and anticipated work to date.

Track Listing

Amarok are
Brandon Squyres- bass, vocals
Kenny Ruggles – guitar, vocals
Nathan Collins – guitar
Colby Byrne – drums

US Tour Dates
07/13 – Reno, NV
07/14 – Salt Lake City, UT
07/15 – Denver, CO
07/16 – Omaha, NE
07/17 – Columbia, MO
07/18 – Memphis, TN
07/19 – New Orleans, LA
07/20 – Jacksonville, FL
07/21 – Miami, FL
07/22 – St. Petersburg, FL
07/23 – Charlotte, NC
07/24 – Richmond, VA
07/25 – Harrisonburg, VA
07/26 – Brooklyn, NY
07/27 – Elizabeth, NJ
07/28 – Philadelphia, PA
07/29 – Johnson City, NY
07/30 – Albany, NY
07/31 – Buffalo, NY
08/01 – Pittsburgh, PA
08/02 – Cincinnati, OH
08/03 – Chicago, IL
08/04 – Milwaukee, WI
08/05 – Minneapolis, MN
08/06 – Fargo, ND
08/07 – Bozeman, MT
08/08 – Spokane, WA
08/09 – Seattle, WA
08/10 – Portland, OR
08/11 – Eugene, OR



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