Devouring Star announce their new album “The Arteries of Heresy”

“Devouring Star has shown considerable evolution in its sound from their nascent demo release, and I urge everyone to check it out if you want to hear a fresh and disturbing new take on black metal.” – No Clean Singing

Finland’s Devouring Star have revealed the first details about the release of their forthcoming album. The new album is titled “The Arteries of Heresy”, and is a follow up to 2015’s underground gem “Through Lung and Heart”. “The Arteries of Heresy” will be released in North America via Dark Descent Records and in Europe by Terratur Possessions on October 26th. Pre-orders will be available in the weeks to come, beginning on September 17, 2018.

Regarding the new album, Devouring Star mastermind J.L. comments “The Arteries of Heresy dives musically into the concept of mankind as the living symbol of Sin. The thousand year kingdom exists in our very being and salvation is in the pits of Hell. Hope had never abandoned us, it never existed.” 

Devouring Star are streaming a new track off “The Arteries of Heresy”. Stream “Scar Inscriptions” via Decibel Magazine. Regarding the track, Devouring Star founder J.L. comments:

“Scar Inscriptions” presents ascension through Sin, or how the act of Sin would be divine. “As I wither away into the depths of time, these grand revelations of the great nothing turn my spirit hollow, and my will to ash, as I gaze into the depths of Her madness.”

Listen to “Scar Inscriptions” at Decibel Magazine HERE. 

The artwork for “The Arteries of Heresy”, illustrated by David Herrerias (Nightbringer, Wrathprayer, Irkallian Oracle, and more) and track list as follows:

David Herrerias

Track list
1. Consummation
2. Procreation of Blood
3. Sin Assimilation
4. Scar Inscriptions
5. Her Divine Arteries

“The Arteries of Heresy” see the Finnish band bolder than ever before, as they venture further into the depths to expand on their signature sound of crushing black metal.

Each of the 5 tracks on “The Arteries of Heresy” see the band expertly command chaos and sonic violence: the cold and calculated opener “Consummation” threatens the listener with imminent dread, before “Sin Assimilation” unleashes an onslaught of unforgiving molten steel.

“The Arteries of Heresy” is bound to be one of 2018’s most unforgiving and uncompromising black metal records, and cements Devouring Star as on of Finland’s best kept secrets in extreme music.

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