Canadian extreme metal band WAKE have unleashed absolute fury with the bands latest full length album, “Devouring Ruin”. The album is available today worldwide on LP, compact disc, and all digital platforms via Translation Loss Records.

About the release, drummer Josh Bueckert comments:
“We worked hard on this. Really hard. It’s the band’s pinnacle so far in every aspect, and is the culmination of us doing exactly what we wanted to do creatively for over two years. More new shit is being worked on as of last week.”

Guitarist Rob LaChance comments: 
“WAKE doesn’t dabble in moderation and this album is a testament to that. Over the course of our decade long career we’ve grown to be autonomous in style and genre, carving our own path. The time spent between “Misery Rites” and “Devouring Ruin” is the largest and most pivotal part of that evolution thus far. This album is an inner reflection of each member of this band as a musician as a whole. “Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody” (Mark Twain)”. 


Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio in Denver, CO September/October 2019.

Guest solo on Mouth of Abolition by Ben Hutcherson (Khemmis, Glacial Tomb).

Art and layout by Alexandre Goulet. Photos by Mike Wells.

Track listing:
1. Dissolve and Release
2. Kana Tevoro (Kania! Kania!)
3. This Abyssal Plain
4. Elegy
5. Mouth of Abolition
6. Paean
7. Torchbearer
8. In the Lair of the Rat Kings
9. Monuments to Impiety
10. The Procession (Death March to Eternity)

WAKE are:
Rob LaChance – guitar
Kyle Ball – vocals
Arjun Gill – guitar
Josh Bueckert – drums
Ryan Kennedy – bass

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