Are you up for the challenge?

“We’re very pleased to announce the first official tablature/sheet music for our song ‘Swarming Opulence’. Upon purchase, you will receive charts written by the band themselves for guitar, bass, 5-string bass and piano. In addition, you will receive forwards written by the band on how to play these charts as well as backing tracks to play along with. 
These backing tracks include:
1) Track without guitar
2) Track without bass
3) Track without drums
4) Track without vocals

We are also hosting a contest to see who can deliver the most unique rendition of this song. We are not looking for most accurate. This is about creative interpretation and making the music your own. The contest ends June 1st. Top 3 contestants will win prizes including signed copies of Vile Luxury. To enter simply upload your submission video to facebook, instagram or youtube and tag the band as well as email it to

You can present guitar, bass, piano, drums and vocal covers. We also encourage all other instrument rearrangements as well. All the proceeds go directly to the band and are greatly appreciated in this chaotic time. 

Thank you and enjoy the great work.”

Check out the sheet music HERE

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