Portland instrumental powerhouse, COASTLANDS have unveiled the bands latest full-length album, Death, ahead of it’s Friday, October 9, 2020 release date.

Ominous and heavy, the weight of each track shows the band at the height of mastery. Deliberate and intense build ups of swirling and cinematic guitars matched with thunderous rhythms lead to massive payoffs. Carefully shape-shifting between beautiful textures of post-metal & post-hardcore and almost suffocatingly heady atmosphere, COASTLANDS have created a haunting soundtrack to match the pain, isolating emotions, and self-forgiveness they’ve experienced.  “You have to let things go in order to make necessary space to allow for growth,” explains Sissoyev. “We had to let go of the band we used to be and learn to live parallel to the pain and allow it to ignite change at its own pace, living with a double frame of mind.”

Listen to Death in full today alongside an interview with Jason Sissoyev at PopMatters.

Death will be released worldwide on October 9, 2020 via Translation Loss Records on three special edition vinyl variants (two variants already SOLD OUT), compact disc, and digital. European release by Dunk! Records.

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