Minneapolis noise rock trio, BUILDINGS emerged with the bands explosive new full-length titled, “Negative Sound”, on November 22nd via Gilead Media. The bands fourth album delivers 10 new tracks that prove to be the bands most compelling and abrasive. Brimming with anxiety-surged ugliness and a fed up world view, BUILDINGS find beauty in the unlit corners of their own personal experiences and inner frustrations. “When we write our songs with an ugly chord or an ear piercing part of a song, we want to make sure that kind of gives you anxiety just listening to it” comments BUILDINGS vocalist/guitarist, Brian Lake.  “We strive to give the listener a noisy but beautiful experience.”

Experimenting with angular and frenzied riffs, full-frontal grooves, and vocal patterns that hit you like a wrecking ball, “Negative Sound” shows the bands influences on their sleeves while never letting you forget that they bring their own high energy and unique identity to the foreground of their genre.

Negative Sound is available on all formats now via Gilead Media.  

“Negative Sound” was released in the US by Gilead Media and in Europe by Antena Krzyku.

Track listing:
1. A Good Hill To Die On
2. Sit With It
3. Bear The Dog
4. Felt Like A Perfume
5. Piss Up A Flagpole
6. Certain Women
7. Dying NASA Scientist
8. Sell Down The River
9. Human Filter
10.Thumb In The Eye

Buildings is:
Brian Lake: Guitar and Vocals
Mike Baillie: Bass Guitar
Travis Kuhlman: Drums and percussion

Recorded and mixed by Jeff Marcovis at The Hideaway in April of 2019 and mastered by Bruce Templeton at Microphonic Mastering May of 2019.

Photos by Samuel Claeys
Album artwork by Cody Hughes

Official links:

“Bear The Dog” at NPR
Full Album Stream at Mowno
“Sit With It” at PopMatters

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