October 9, 2020
Translation Loss Records

Portland, OR instrumental powerhouse, COASTLANDS will deliver their Translation Loss Records debut titled, Death, on October 9, 2020. 

Each track of Death overflows with pressure-building tsunamis, revealing dreamlike soundscapes as the music ebbs and flows. Painting scenic visualizations of emotive themes, the slow burning and reflective gaze of each track exposes darkness that makes space for vibrant light – creating a triumphant picture from start to finish. COASTLANDS guitarist Jason Sissoyev comments, “We decided to create an album based around the different facets of death – both metaphorically and physically – how all of those elements play into a larger story to help give life meaning and purpose. All of us had been doing a lot of personal work over the past few years to overcome past trauma, unaddressed grief and coming to terms with the fragility of life.” 

Ominous and heavy, the weight of each track shows the band at the height of mastery. Deliberate and intense build ups of swirling and cinematic guitars matched with thunderous rhythms lead to massive payoffs. Carefully shape-shifting between beautiful textures of post-metal & post-hardcore and almost suffocatingly heady atmosphere, COASTLANDS have created a haunting soundtrack to match the pain, isolating emotions, and self-forgiveness they’ve experienced.  “You have to let things go in order to make necessary space to allow for growth,” explains Sissoyev. “We had to let go of the band we used to be and learn to live parallel to the pain and allow it to ignite change at its own pace, living with a double frame of mind.”

What began as a solo ambient project by Jason Sissoyev,  COASTLANDS took it’s full form in 2016 when Jordan Householder, Trent McIntyre and Andy Ramirez joined. The band released two acclaimed LP’s and a handful of positively received EP’s gaining attention from the bands local underground scene and beyond. The band have played alongside Russian Circles, Alcest, Emma Ruth Rundle, Pelican, and more. 

COASTLANDS began writing Death after returning from a successful tour of Europe in 2019. For 6 months, the band recorded ideas with one another to perfect and dissect each moment of the new tracks. “When we began dreaming up the concept for this record we decided we wanted to work with Kurt Ballou (God City Recording, Converge) fairly early on and were excited when we agreed to work with us,” says Sissoyev. “He was always a dream engineer for all of us because of his work on records like Russian Circles, Converge, Oathbreaker, Chelsea Wolfe, and Baptists. He provided the exact imprint we had hoped to make this album sound larger than life. We asked Kurt who he recommended for mastering and he connected us with Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) to lay down the final touches on this LP. It was the ultimate dream to work with him in terms of post-production. When we heard the final masters for the album we were speechless, the way both of these incredible icons opened our sound was unreal.”
Death will be released worldwide on October 9, 2020 via Translation Loss Records on two special edition vinyl variants, compact disc, and digital. European release by Dunk! Records.

Track listing:
1. Abandoner
2. Feverwind
3. Red Smoke Flare
4. Dead Friends
5. Lay Waste
6. Marrow

Album Details:
Recorded at Dead Aunt Thelmas and Long Play Recording in Portland, OR in December 2019. Engineered by Jason Sissoyev.
Mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at God City in Salem, MA.
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna) in Stockholm Sweden.

Jason Sissoyev – Guitar, Synth
Jordan Householder – Guitar, Synth
Andy Ramirez- Bass
Trent Mcintyre – Drums  

Album photo and layout by Jason Sissoyev
Photo by Paul Mauer, IG:

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