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“False makes bracing black metal that, just when it seems like the band won’t release its claws from your throat, suddenly drops you into the void.” – NPR

FALSE return with the most pivotal record of their career, “Portent”. A redefining of the extreme underground, “Portent” sees the band harness their shared experiences of pain and loss, and use that energy to create a truly monumental album for American Black Metal that is expansive, wholly engrossing, daring, and above all, honest and genuine. 3 tracks span the width and scope of the band’s approach to the genre. The defining trait of the band reveals itself from the onset; the urgency in “Portent” is palpable.

Album opener “A Victual to Our Dead Selves” explodes out of the darkest corners and overwhelms the listener with a whirlwind of ice cold steel. Velocity meets melody, as pounding rhythms accompany cascading guitar riffs upon riffs. “Portent” sees Vocalist Rachel N. at her most voracious and daring, commanding the listener’s attention with every word, against some of the most severe synth accompaniments since “In the Nightside Eclipse”.

During the process of completing this record members of the band experienced sudden loss, sorrow and a kind of pain we had not experienced before,” comments guitarist Jimmy. “The individual and collective tragedies we dealt with over the last few years did not surpass our collective will, and that is because we had one another to depend on. Throughout everything the one constant is that we were side by side one another, providing comfort and strength. We will continue to grow together, and through one another we will push to be the best versions of ourselves. This record is a celebration of that.”

A testament to the soul of perseverance, and overcoming the truest sense of agony, “Portent” is also an exhibition of the strength within one another to channel that pain towards a greater purpose, and ultimately finding catharsis.

“These are more than just songs to us, and this will always be more than just a band,” Jimmy comments. “That is not hyperbole or feigning some ego-driven sense of superiority, it is simply our reality. People can take from that what they will.”

Album artwork by Mariusz Lewandowski

FALSE released the groundbreaking full-length, Portent, on July 12, 2019 to monumental acclaim from NPR, Bandcamp, Decibel Magazine, Revolver, Kerrang!, Banger TV, PopMatters, Outburn, New Noise Magazine, Loudwire, Consequence of Sound, and more.

Portent is available now, in it’s second pressing, via Gilead Media.

Jimmy – guitar
Skorpiain – guitar
Niko – bass
Kishel – keyboard
Travis – drums
Rachel – vocals


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