Glorious Depravity
Ageless Violence
Translation Loss Records
November 27, 2020

Underground supergroup GLORIOUS DEPRAVITY comprised of Doug Moore (Pyrrhon), Chris Grigg (Woe), Matt Mewton (Woe), George Paul (Mutilation Rites), and John McKinney (Cleanteeth), will release their vicious and gut-punching debut full-length, Ageless Violence, on November 27th via Translation Loss Records. 

GLORIOUS DEPRAVITY hits full-force with a ripping vengeance! The boundaryless freedom of pure brutality mixed with the deadly, shit-eating grins of vicious riffs and pummeling percussion – while paying homage to the late 80’s and early 90’s of extreme death metal from the East Coast – makes Ageless Violence a force to be reckoned with. 

After decades of creating music in the underground through the members critically acclaimed other projects, the five-piece, all software developers from the lawless swamps of New York City, came together to create classic, catchy, thrashing, and blasphemous death metal. Hitting hard with songs like opener, “Ocean of Scabs”, the quintet shows a sardonic yet maddeningly sophisticated melting pot of their collective aggression. On each song of Ageless Violence, the band intertwines classic tropes such as murder, blasphemy, warfare, and medical malpractice with the fabric of everyday life – served up in the glory of grimacing scorn. 
Ageless Violence will be released on two exclusive vinyl variants, “Oceans of Scabs” and “Incinerator Tri-Color Merge with Splatter” editions are available for pre-order now. Compact disc and digital preorder is also available.  

Track Listing:
1. Ocean Of Scabs
2. (In The Clutches Of) The Oligarchic Exsanguinator
3. Incel Christ  
4. The Stone Hammer Swings
5. Digital Reaper  
6. Hospital Incinerator Blues  
7. Forced To Witness

Album Details:
Recorded in Brooklyn, NYC by Chris Grigg with additional engineering by GLORIOUS DEPRAVITY September-October 2019. Mixed by Chris Grigg. Mastered in January 2020 by Alan Douches.

Album artwork by Ars Moriendee
Photos by Caroline Harrison

Doug Moore – vocals
Matt Mewton – guitar, backup vocals
George Paul – guitar, backup vocals
John McKinney – bass, electronics
Chris Grigg – drums, backup vocals