Anthesis Announce New Album-The Age of Self and Premiere at Svbterranean

Underground metallic noise rock purveyors ANTHESIS return with their first full-length in over 7 years and their most ferocious and focused material to date with The Age of Self.  The Canadian trio’s decimating release was recorded at Ancient Temple Recordings in Quispamsis, New Brunswick by guitarist / vocalist Scott Miller throughout 2016.  The Age of Self features eleven tracks of sludgy noise rock shifting to doom-laden despair and angular, grinding dissonance, all tied together with hardcore punk aggression.  ANTHESIS, with true DIY blood, sweat, and tears have created one of the most unrelenting and forward thinking metal releases of the year!
Album Details
Release Date: June 9, 2017
Label: Hibernation Release, Ancient Temple Recordings
US-Hibernation Release (vinyl/cassette)-
Canada-Ancient Temple Recordings (vinyl, cd, cassette)-

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ANTHESIS– The Age of Self track listing:

1.  The Path to Enlightenment
2.  False Content
3.  Where’s the Dignity?
4.  Empty Vessels
5.  Reunion
6.  Pension Teeth
7.  Abscent
8.  Decay.Disgust
9.  Shattered Into a Sea of Light
10. Silence is Solace
11. The Following
Scott Miller – guitar/vocals
Andrew Martin – drums/vocals
Scott Lilly – bass/vocals