Kenoma-The Tides Will Prevail

Eleven years in the making, KENOMA release their highly anticipated debut full length record entitled, The Tides Will Prevail. Known for their contribution to the 2006 critically acclaimed split release with Mouth Of The Architect, KENOMA now offer over fifty minutes of stunning, spiraling waves of progressive and atmospheric instrumental doom/post rock.
Dayton, Ohio quintet KENOMA began constructing their riff-filled peaks and valleys in 2005 and quickly became a sought after name. With their style of sludge-induced atmospheric instrumentals, KENOMA have etched their way into creating climatic and expansive journeys, pushing them to the forefront of their ever dilating genre. KENOMA creates landscapes you want to explore and get lost in. The subtle nuances of their valleys are mesmorizing and their peaks are crafted with boiling points overflowing with beauty.”The Tides Will Prevail is a very personal journey of struggle, progress, and regression”, KENOMA drummer Jimmy Magnuson shares about the album. “It has been a long process to get to this point, but through our strength and determination KENOMA has been able to bring to life the original vision that we had in our mind. The Tides Will Prevail is a look into the lives and times of everyone that had once been involved in KENOMA and the journey that it took for us to get to this place and time.”

On April 28th, Translation Loss Records will proudly release The Tides Will Prevail on multiple formats including a special edition, mailorder only coloured vinyl edition as well as compact disc and digital.