Abscess Time 
Willow Tip 
June 26, 2020

New York’s shape-shifting, extreme metal quartet PYRRHON released their landmark new full-length,  Abscess Time, on June 26, 2020 via Willowtip Records. The 12-song album – running nearly 60 minutes – follows the band’s critically-acclaimed 2017 release What Passes For Survival, and shows the band retaining their signature technical aggression while revealing a new sense of exploration into their most sophisticated, grooving, alluring, and inventive work to date. While broadening their musical scope, PYRRHON have achieved an unforgettable and masterful new take on songwriting. Poised with perpetual evolution, PYRRHON reveal how fearlessly fluid,  sonically explosive, and triumphant experimental death metal can be.

Every detail of Abscess Time is bursting with deliberate and enlightened purpose. From the mood-swinging aural nightmares of Moore’s death metal aggression, to Dylan DiLella’s commanding and confident riff-building, to the complex and grooving rhythms of drummer Steve Schwegler, and the crucial undertow of bassist Erik Malave, PYRRHON erupts with mind-blowing controlled chaos.

Abscess Time will be released on double LP vinyl (which features an exclusive bonus track), compact disc, and on all digital platforms via Willowtip. All versions feature stunning new artwork by New York artist, Caroline Harrison.

Available now via Willowtip Records.

Track listing:
1. Abscess Time
2. Down At Liberty Ashes
3. Teuchnikskreis
4. The Lean Years
5. Another Day In Paradise
6. The Cost Of Living
7. Overwinding
8. Human Capital
9. Cornered Animal
10. Solastalgia
11. State Of Nature
12. Rat King Lifecycle

Record, mixed, and mastered in January & February 2020 by Colin Marston at Menegroth: The Thousand Caves, Queens, NY

Album artwork by Caroline Harrison
Photos by Caroline Harrison

Pyrrhon is:
Dylan DiLella – guitars
Erik Malave – bass, vocals
Steve Schwegler – drums
Doug Moore – vocals

Fever Kingdoms – 2009 (The Path Less Traveled)
An Excellent Servant But A Terrible Master – 2011 (Selfmadegod)
The Mother Of Virtues – 2014 (Relapse)
Growth Without End – 2015 (Selfmadegod/Handshake Inc.)
Running Out Of Skin – 2016 (PRC Music/independent)
What Passes For Survival – 2017 (Willowtip/Throatruiner)
Abscess Time – 2020 (Willowtip)

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