Atlanta’s Vimur announce new album, stream new track!

"The quartet waste no time in going straight for the throat, blasting a torrent of cold, atmospheric black metal at the listener. The riffs are razor sharp, the drumming ferocious and the vocals intense but ethereal." -Decibel Magazine Atlanta, GA tyrants Vimur return with seven new tracks of raw black metal mastery with their latest…Read more Atlanta’s Vimur announce new album, stream new track!

Ursa stream “Abyss Between The Stars”

"A clutch of sprawling songs steeped in high drama and even higher fantasy that deftly slip between melancholy and majesty" - Noisey California heavy doomsters Ursa reveal their thick-riffed and imaginative new full-length "Abyss Between The Stars". It's streaming in it's entirety, ahead of the November 2nd release date, now at Noisey. “It’s traditional, or…Read more Ursa stream “Abyss Between The Stars”