Moros unveil filth and misery with “Weapon”

Doomed sludge fiends Moros crawl out of the Philly filth to deliver Weapon, a 7 track album brimming with miserable, riff-obsessed, teeth-chattering low end. "Weapon" is streaming now, in full, at Kerrang! ahead of the Friday, March 29th release date.  Listen to Moros, "Weapon" at Kerrang! here. Moros guitarist/vocalist, Jason Dost comments, “I hope people can connect to the…Read more Moros unveil filth and misery with “Weapon”

East Of The Wall stream “NP-Complete”!

Ahead of the March 29th release of, "NP-Complete", NJ progressive metal legion, East Of The Wall stream the blistering new album in full today at Metalsucks. About the album, guitarist/vocalist Matt Lupo comments, "NP-Complete is the most cohesive record we have made in a while. There are so many different styles and ideas happening, and…Read more East Of The Wall stream “NP-Complete”!

Call Of The Void announce “Buried In Light” + song stream

Photo by Alvino Salcedo Video by Frank Huang Colorado metallic punk & sludge legion Call Of The Void are back! Today they announce their blistering new full-length titled, "Buried In Light" along with a premiere of the catchy, black-sludge & mind melting anthem, "Living Ruins". The track is streaming now at Decibel Magazine.“This is a…Read more Call Of The Void announce “Buried In Light” + song stream

Woe announce new EP, “A Violent Dread”

Photo by Jonathan McPhail Following their blistering and critically acclaimed 2017 release, Hope Attrition, New York black metal band Woe crawl out of the dismal dregs of winter to deliver A Violent Dread. The EP contains two new tracks; the first titled, "A Violent Dread" features Woe's thoroughly thoughtful and dynamic songwriting, full-speed and merciless…Read more Woe announce new EP, “A Violent Dread”

Un and Coltsblood announce new split!

Album artwork by Samuel Nelson Following their thunderously crushing and critically acclaimed full-length, "Sentiment", Seattle, WA death doomers Un have joined forces with UK blackened doom trio Coltsblood for an unforgettable and massive limited cassette (100 copies) and digital split release. Despite hailing from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, the two bands share a…Read more Un and Coltsblood announce new split!

Primitive Man unleash “Oily Tears”

Primitive Man, "Oily Tears"Denver, CO doomed sludge trio Primitive Man have unleashed a new track titled, "Oily Tears" at Revolver Magazine. The track, a 6+ minute primal death opus is a "masterclass in slow-burn hate, taking a moment only to blast you with a black-metal chill and then return to its stuttering, off-kilter doom thunder…Read more Primitive Man unleash “Oily Tears”

Baring Teeth unleash “Transitive Savagery”

"The band shows once again on Transitive Savagery that they're one of the most creative and important voices in the dissonance focused complex death metal sphere." Dallas, TX death metal trio Baring Teeth unleash their blistering, forward-thinking new album, "Transitive Savagery" at Metal Injection ahead of the November 16th release date. The stream also includes…Read more Baring Teeth unleash “Transitive Savagery”