Gilead Media (North America)
Antena Krzyku (Europe)
May 15, 2020

Like a summer hurricane, Durham, North Carolina foursome, WAILIN STORMS deliver their shape shifting, landmark full length, Rattle, on May 15th via Gilead Media (North America) and in Europe via Antena Krzyku. Drenched in rapid, vigorous, and genre-bending rock, WAILIN STORMS passionately divulges stories of folklore, mysticism,  inner torment, love, death, and tantrums of overwhelming anxieties within the eight tracks of Rattle. “Rattle is about feeling hopeless in a world that is very broken to me”, comments guitarist and vocalist Justin Storms. Bracing the elements head-on and wearing influences of grunge, doom, punk, rock, and blues on their sleeves, WAILIN STORMS create a unique perfect storm of unhinged sophistication and moody textures laced within each seductively psychedelic, country-twanged vignette. 

“We fulfilled a bucket list experience this spring being able to record with J. Robbins in Baltimore”, comments bassist Steve Stanczyk. “The bands he has been in and the albums he has recorded have been hugely influential to us and the independent music scene as a whole.” WAILIN STORMS entered the studio in the Spring of 2019 with Robbins at the helm to uncover the quartets most captivating album to date. Soaked in reverb, distortion, and syncopated rhythms,  Rattle came to life. Rattle was then mixed and mastered at Gradwell House in New Jersey. 
Rattle will be released digitally, on compact disc, and on two vinyl variants on May 15th. Pre-order is available now.  

Track listing:
1. Rattle
2. Rope
3. Grass
4. Wish
5. Teeth
6. Sun
7. Crow
8. End

Recorded at The Magpie Cage Recording Studio by J. Robbins, Spring 2019
Mixed and Mastered at The Gradwell House by Dave Downham, Fall 2019

Album artwork & layout by Nick Kulp
Photos by Cambria Storms & Andy Marino

Justin Storms – Guitar and Lead Vocals
Todd Warner – Lead Guitar and Backup Vocals
Mark Oates – Drums
Steve Stanczyk – Bass


March 28 – Duke Coffeehouse // Durham NC

April 29 – Static Age Records // Asheville NC

April 30 – 529 // Atlanta GA

May 1 – Firehouse // Birmingham GA

May 2 – East Room // Nashville TN

May 3 – Kaiju // Louisville KY

May 4 – Burlington // Chicago IL

May 5 – State Street Pub // Indianapolis IN

May 6 – Buzzbin // Canton OH

May 7 – The Building // Coplay, PA

May 8 – Alphaville // Brooklyn NY

May 9 – Ortlieb’s // Philadelphia PA

May 10 – Fuzzy Cactus / Richmond VA