Portland, OR solo-outfit MIZMOR will release a highly-anticipated and massive offering titled, Wit’s End on January 14, 2022 via Gilead Media. Following MIZMOR’s critically acclaimed 2019 full-length, Cairn, which received high praise from the likes of NPR, Metal Hammer, Decibel Magazine, Metal Injection, Brooklyn Vegan, Invisible Oranges, Revolver Magazine, Consequence of Sound, AV Club, and so many more, Wit’s End shows raw power flowing seamlessly through songwriting mastery. Merging pitch-black doom laced with hauntingly emotive and ambient sentiments, glacial yet undulating soundscapes, and personal confessions of lost faith and the disenchantment of modern society, MIZMOR has created sonic compositions condemned with passages of shadowed, existential dread. 

Two masterfully composed tracks titled, “Wit’s End” and “Pareidolia” show MIZMOR multi-instrumentalist A.L.N. at his most transcendent. “Inspired by the Great Filter within the Fermi ParadoxWit’s End considers the potential self-destructiveness inherent to consciousness and is, “an ode to all those who adopt superstitious and grandiose beliefs about mankind, its “spirit,” and its place within the cosmos” describes A.L.N.”. “The idea is presented through the lens of our current struggles as a society. I’ve found myself utterly appalled by the increase in willingness and eagerness to accept misinformation, disinformation, alternative facts, conspiracy theorism, cultism, and religiosity in us as a people. I feel this as a depressing weight, having trekked the better part of ten years from Christianity to atheism. “Wit’s End” has multiple meanings here – masses of people have an exponentially decreasing sense of reason, I am at a loss for words witnessing it, and ultimately all understanding will come to an end anyway as we war against our natural fate.

Wit’s End was recorded, mixed, produced, and perfected by A.L.N. in his home studio and then mastered by Adam Gonsalves. About the process, A.L.N. shares, “I consider this a very important part of the process as a lot of stylistic and production choices are made during the recording process and I like to take my time and not be on someone else’s. I recorded the album at my home studio. The earliest bits of the album were recorded in July 2020 but there was a big pause in between as I figured out the identity of the album.”

Wit’s End will be released on January 14, 2022 in deluxe format which includes an exclusive DVD featuring a brilliantly hand-drawn and animated music video by Zev Deans for the track “Wit’s End”. The video originally commissioned by and premiered as an exclusive feature in the Spring of 2021 as part of Roadburn Redux. Wit’s End will be released on LP+DVD, CD+DVD, and on all digital platforms (video download included) via Gilead Media. Cassette + video download will be available via MIZMOR

MIZMOR is scheduled to play Oblivion Access FestivalNorthwest Terror Fest  and Roadburn Festival in 2022, with more festival announcements on the horizon. 

Wit’s End – Official Trailer