About Us

Perfect World PR and Perfect World Productions is a hands-on, full service, management and independent public relations agency passionately dedicated to serving the underground and beyond. We work with bands, musicians, labels, artists, festivals, film-makers, and more to develop strong foundations and build lasting impressions.

Artists, Record Labels, and Festivals we are proud to work with:

A Storm Of Light, Aduantan, All Else Failed, All Out War, Anthesis, Apes, Axioma, Backslider, Baring Teeth, Barrowlands, Belus, Boris Records, Black Flags Over Brooklyn Festival, Black Urn, Bloodlet, Bridgeburner, Buildings, Byla, C Trip A, Cable, Caged, Call Of The Void, Casket Huffer, Cavernlight, Choke, Churchburn, Coastlands, Coilguns, Coma Cluster Void, Come To Grief, Comity, Darsombra, Demiser, Dreadnought, Drouth, Dysrhythmia, East Of The Wall, End Christian, Falls Of Rauros, Fire In The Mountains Festival, Folterkammer, Forn, Ghost’s Of Glaciers, Gilead Media, Glacial Tomb, Glorious Depravity, God Root, Grayceon, Heaven In Her Arms, Hell, Hellish Form, Heretical Sect, Hex Inverter, Hibernation Release Records, HIVE, Hot Blooded Podcast, Imperial Triumphant, Inexorum, Judas Knife, Kenoma, Labyrinth of Stars, Ledge, Like Rats, Living Phantoms, Lotus Thrones, Lychgate, Lykotonon, Many Blessings, Mehenet, Mizmor, Mizmor/Andrew Black, Mob Terror, Moral Void, Morningstar Delirium, Moros, Mouth Of The Architect, Noctule, Northless, Northwest Terror Fest, Our Place Of Worship Is Silence, Oryx, Pandiscordian Necrogenesis, Peter Beste, Portrayal of Guilt, Primitive Man, Profound Lore Records, Prosthetic Records, Pyrithe, Pyrrhon, Ready For Death, Reburied, Rosetta, Rotting Kingdom, Sacred Bones Records, Sadgiqacea, Sadistic Ritual, Seputus, Shadow Woods Metal Festival, Shut It Down Compilation, Squalus, Starkweather, Statiqbloom, Stinking Lizaveta, Svalbard, Swampbeast, Teeth, Thrawsunblat, Timelost, To Live A Lie Records, Translation Loss Records, TRVE Brewing, Turian, Un, Vasilek, Vendetta Records, Vermin Womb, Vimur, Vouna, Wailin Storms, WAKE, Wayfarer, We Lost The Sea, Weeping Sores, Wild Hunt, Willowtip Records, Wilt, Wise Blood Records, Woe, Wormwood, Xenoglyph, Yellow Eyes, YLVA and MORE.