Photo by Kento Woolery

Portland, OR one-man, black/doom force of nature, Mizmor announce their highly anticipated third full-length titled, Cairn, scheduled for release on September 6th via Gilead Media.

“Mizmor albums don’t happen all that often”, reveals Mizmor founder and sole contributor, A.L.N. “I don’t seek to write music. I wait until something bubbles up inside me, until it aches and I can’t hold it in any longer. This stirring began to take me about a year ago, but articulating my thoughts and feelings was difficult at first. Finally “Cairn” came out.”Cairn continues to build upon the foundation of existential exploration and personal suffering wrought by religion, nature, and life itself that the artist’s prior two albums laid (S/T – 2012; “Yodh” – 2016). Cairn muses on the absurd premise that is human experience: life is devoid of ultimate meaning and mankind can’t help but continually seek meaning in it despite this. Lyrically influenced by the works of Albert Camus, A.L.N. has created sonic power so big and so full of existential dread,  it demands undivided attention.

The album was recorded by A.L.N. himself, meticulously mixed by Sonny DiPerri, and mastered by Adam Gonsalves.  “Cairn is a lot different than any other Mizmor album”, explains A.L.N. “This is the highest fidelity that Mizmor has ever been recorded and presented in and I think it’s evident. I am proud of what I captured in the three months down in my studio room.  After the process wrapped up I went to L.A. to watch and learn from recordist/engineer Sonny DiPerri.  I don’t have words to describe how meaningful that experience was nor how perfectly he served the album. I am extremely excited that I was able to work with Adam Gonsalves again too. He also has mastered Mizmor a few times in the past and continues to prove to me why he is the right choice for my music.”

Over the four tracks (spanning almost 60 minutes), A.L.N.’s ability to effortlessly intertwine black metal, doom, and drone – all while retaining pummeling emotional power and momentum – proves Mizmor is an unstoppable force than spans across genres of heavy metal.Cairn is housed in stunning artwork by Mariusz Lewandowski. A.L.N shared, “I am floored by the final product of the extremely personal commissioned painting by Mariusz Lewandowski. Continuing in the vein of the polish surrealist master, Beksinski (who’s work was used for “Yodh”), Lewandowski has beautifully interpreted the theme’s of “Cairn” into his painting “Time Immemorial,” which sprawls to grace both covers of the album.”

Pre-order is available now on LP/CD/digital via Gilead Media. Cassette is available for pre-order via Mizmor.

Album artwork: Mariusz Lewandowski

Mizmor is:
A.L.N. – all instruments and vocals

Mizmor live:
A.L.N. – guitar, vocals
M.S.W. – drums
Andrew Black – bass
Kento Woolery – guitar

Live show dates:
Hell / Mizmor Fall Tour MMXIX
9/23/2019  Seattle, WA – Highline

9/24/2019  Portland, OR – Dante’s

9/25/2019 Eugene, OR -Old Nick’s

9/26/2019  Oakland, CA – Elbo Room Jack London

9/27/2019  Los Angeles, CA – Satellite

9/29/2019  Boston, MA – Middle East

9/30/2019  Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus

10/1/2019   Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie

10/2/2019  Washington, DC – Atlas Brew Works

10/5/2019   Nijmegen, NL – Soulcrusher Festival

“Desert Of Absurdity” at NPR Music

Official Links:
Gilead Media: https://gileadmedia.net/
Web: http://mizmor.virb.com/
Bandcamp: https://mizmor.bandcamp.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whollydoomedblackmetal
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whollydoomedblackmetal/